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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Since I have started my work, I am feeling like I have left my life. I couldn't do much of what I can do before. I miss playing the game of Ragnarok. I have my family there in the guild name of Armada-Goonz. I am so lucky to have them and I must say that we are all in one family. I miss the good old times when we all participate in the different events, the guild sieges, the times when we spend our weekends together just to play for the common game that we all love.

When my training started, I feel so tired when I get home. Sometimes, I feel sleepy when I get home or sometimes when I watch movies, I could fall a sleep during a good movie. Aww, I love watching movies but I can't help it. I wanted to do the things that I used to love before...

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