Meal of the Day: Honey Gingered Chicken, Fried Fish with Chili Pineapple Sauce and Pumpkin Soup

Friday, November 30, 2007

Today, my uncle is going back to Japan, where he lives with my other Aunts and Uncles. So I was assigned AGAIN to cook for today’s lunch for our little get together before he leaves. I was only expecting to cook one dish but my mom surprised me that I’m cooking two dishes for today. (waaah! Ang daya daya naman.. si Ryan hindi magluluto ngaun. Ako lang!) So can you imagine how busy I am? I am also expecting a delivery from Botak, the Armada Jackets. Oh, just imagine how messy I will look like when the delivery arrives. I had to go out to buy a couple of ingredients missing. When I get back, I got mad at our maid. I told her to cut the big fish into two. She just sliced the tummy of the fish the other way I wanted. It was part of the presentation of how the fish will look like so I had to think of something else. after a couple of minutes of thinking, I came up with a new idea and it turned out to be good. Anyway, I prepared Honey gingered Chicken and Fried fish with Chili Pineapple Sauce. My mom made a yummy Pumpkin Soup.

Honey Gingered Chicken

Fried Fish with Chili Pineapple Sauce

Pumpkin Soup

My family loves the two dishes I made. After our lunch, there was not a single piece of chicken left and even the fish. I wonder where the head of the fish had gone. (kawawa naman ung isda pati un ulo nia nadissect ) Oh, and we all loved the pumpkin soup.

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A Trip to Okapi Home Decors

Yesterday Lingling and I visited Okapi Home Decors Shop (this is Kuya Kevs’ shop) , we met up at 5th avenue station. I really didn’t know where the place is good thing Lingling knows the place. (mga pasaway kami kahit na super duper ulan ulan eh nagpunta parin kami.. haha! Hindi lang pala umuulan.. nagkakagulo pa sa Makati) We shopped for some gift items for our love ones. I bought 2 pieces of candles with lots of Christmas decors around it. (haha! Edit ko nlng itong post ko for the picture of this.. super tamad mode ako ngaun kse I’ve been cooking the whole morning!) I also bought a gift for my bestfriend, Lyn. (kunwari may pictures na dito.. ) I just hope that she’ll like my gift. Then Lingling bought me a gift from the shop (haha! Pati ako binigyn ng anak ko.. pero ang cute cute..) and I also received a gift from Kuya Kevs. My verdict: There are a lot of great buys from this shop. The goods are imported from Sri Lanka plus you’ll get BIG BIG DISCOUNTS! So ano pa ang hinihintay ninyo? Bisita na rin kayo!

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Quotations from the Bible: Deuteronomy 5:32-33

So be careful to do what the Lord your God has commanded you; Do not turn aside to the right or to the left. Walk in all the way that the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that you will posses.

Are You an Attention Whore?

You Are An Attention Seeker

You're only human, so you can't help but want
a little attention every now and then.
You love the spotlight, but only when it's well deserved.
You'd hate to be known for the wrong thing.
And you also don't mind sharing the spotlight.
You can easily give someone else credit or a complement.
You know there's enough attention to go around,
and it makes you happy when your friends shine.

You come across as: Friendly and interesting

People may wrongly think you're: A little more modest than you actually are!

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MalacaƱang imposes Curfew

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Earlier this morning as I was doing my daily routine, Kaye texted a group message saying that she'll be coming home early today because her professor was absent then a following message came that Senator Trillanes and others are marching from Makati City Hall and she couldn't come home early then she keeps on blaming Trillanes.

At first, I wasn't bothered about this event. I went out to pay our bills at Meralco. I saw the cashier very worried about his wife who is at Landmark. I told him that everything is going to be alright and that he has to be patient in calling his wife, who is not answering his calls. I still went to Kuya Kevs' flower shop (yup yup si Leic!) and bought some presents for my mom and friends. When I was on my way home, my mom kept calling my cellphone telling me to stay home. And she told me to watch news and keep her updated on what's happening. (dun ko lang naisip.. OMG! seryoso na pala ang lahat.. tas ako kungsaan saan pa nagpupupunta. hehe)

When I got home, I immediately turned on the television. So there, the news... (wala namang ako makita ditong maganda! nakakainis lang lalo yung goverment. lalo pang mali mali yung gnagawa nila.. grrrrrrr!) after awhile i just heard in the news that there's going to be a curfew from 12midnight to 5am starting at the dawn of friday. WTF! Sira ba sila? Lolx Natatawa nalang ako sa government naten. Hindi naman ito kelangan eh. tapos huhuli pa sila ng media? tinatali pa nila? Asan na ang HUMAN RIGHTS?

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Meal of the Day: Barbecued Ribs and Spaghetti

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It’s our cousins’ birthday and I am assigned to cook for a special dish for her. I was thinking about what to cook last night because they gave me a pack of ribs. Before I slept, my mom and I agreed that I’ll cook the ribs in barbecue style.

I woke up early today to marinate the ribs. Hmm.. the smell of the marinade smells delicious. I can’t wait for the outcome of my experiment. I went out in the afternoon to pay and pick up the Armada T-shirts.

When I got home from E-halls, I sat in front of the television to watch while eating my mirienda. (hays! Super nakakapagod tas na-scam pa kmi..kakainis) I looked at the clock and it was already 6:00pm , I hurriedly went down to start cooking.

I cooked barbecued ribs (parang baby backribs pero ibang ribs kse un binili nila at nakachop na) and Ryan cooked spaghetti. Here are the pictures:

Spaghetti by Ryan

My Barbecued Ribs

My family loved the ribs I cooked and they all decided that my brother and I will cook for our Christmas reunion for a change. Oh no! (dinadaya kami ni mommy ah! siya kasi lagi gmagawa nun.)

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The Taxi Scam

The RPC 2007 has already ended but the demand of the Armada T-shirt continues. So we've decided to make the 3rd and final batch. Belle, Gabo and I were the ones who handle this project. I am the one responsible to contact Ms. Connie, our contact from the Outlet. I have placed an order for the 3rd batch of t-shirts a few days after the RPC. I was shocked when she demanded a higher price because our order was below 50pcs. After several days of arguments, we then came to a final resolution and both agreed. I kept on calling her for almost 3 weeks and still here’s no progress until later this morning. When I called their shop, she finally told me that the t-shirts were done and ready to pick up. I hurriedly texted my guildmate, Korv, to help me in carrying the t-shirts and we met up at around 2pm.

We got the t-shirt and while waiting for a taxi there was a man who approached us.

Manong: Saan ba kayo papunta?
Dee: Sa espanya po.
Manong: Sakay na kayo saken matagal ang taxi dito. Ihahatid ko na kayo sa espanya.
*Dee looking for a taxi / car and saw nothing but a pedicab*
Dee: Saan po tayo sasakay?
Manong: Dito sa pedicab ko. Kayang kaya yan.
Dee: ah, eh manong taxi nalang po kmi.
*tumawid si dee at korv sa kabilang side*

Manong 2: Saan ba ang punta ninyo?
Korv: Sa bandang espanya po
Manong 2: Ay papunta din ako ng UST! Sa akin na kayo sumakay.
*Dee at Korv sbay tingin sa pedicab*
Dee: Hindi na po manong maghihintay nalang po kmi ng taxi.

After a long wait, finally, we got our cab. On our way, Korv and I are busy chatting. When we were in Maceda St., the street before E-halls, the driver suddenly interrupt our conversation.

Driver: Yung singil ko dito dalawang piso kada 10 kilometers
*napaisip si dee at demo*
Driver: Nasa 3800kilometers na tayo. Tutuloy pa ba tayo?
*Korv nabadtrip*
Korv: Manong sa Mini Stop niyo nalang kami ibaba (in a loud voice)

Korv:Magkano yung bill namin?
Driver:410php na.
Korv:Pahinging 90php sukli sa 500php
Driver:Wla akong barya eh
*Dee may nakapang 20php sa bag sabay abot kay Korv*
Korv:Eto, 420php pahinging 10php
Driver:Wla akong barya eh
*Dee at Korv inis na inis na bumaba sa taxi.. biglang bumubulong magisa si Korv*

Dee:Anu snasabi mo?
Korv:Minememorize ko yung plate number nung taxi na iyon.
*Sabay naglakad papuntang E-halls at pg dating doon sabay kwento sa guildmates sa nangyri. Lahat sila inis na inis din kasi usually 80php lang ang taxi simula pagawaan hangng doon sa E-halls*

Later on, Macky bought me an order of siomai just across E-halls. (hays! Kahit papaano naman eh nabawas bawasan yung inis ko.) we went back the shop and after several minutes of chatting with my friends, I went home because I still have to cook for dinner. It has to be special because it’s my cousins’ birthday. (Happy Birthday Atchie Grace!)

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Unhidden Sadness

Sadness fills my soul. I want to hide it but I couldn’t. What’s wrong with me? I’ve been trying to cheer myself for the past few days but I don’t even know what makes me happy. What does make Dee happy? Err, I can’t figure out. Do I really know myself? I feel like a part of me is missing. Not just a part of me but a BIG part of me.

I hear the clock ticking and I’ve been staring at a blank space for a couple of minutes. What’s wrong with me? I don’t feel like playing RO nor do I feel like cooking. I can’t do my daily chores and the things that used to make me happy and now, it feels like hell.

I’m missing you. Yes, I’m sure you are the one who makes me happy. The only reason that behind my smiles. But I have to go on. I have to be strong. And each day I have to face the world with a fake smile.

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Memories of Yesterday: The Ehalls and Trinoma Gimik

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Last Saturday (November 24,2007), My brother and I went to E-halls (Espanya corner Instruccion Street) for the siege. Ooh I love saturdays! Why do I love Saturdays? Because my mom would allow me to go out with my friends and I spend my saturday's siege at E-halls, where my other guildmates also spend their time.

Last Saturday was one of the happiest saturdays because Chink and Goddess Anne paid a visit. (if I know si Alvin and the other boys ay super tuwang tuwa dito! hahaha! bakit kaya? ) We all had fun. After the siege, nagpicture picture muna kami. Nyahahaha!

Here are the pictures:

Afterwards, we all went to Trinoma! We all ate our dinner together and watched a movie called "The Nanny Diaries".

Thank You sobra sa naghatid sa amin ng brother ko! ^_^ Hindi ko na mention name mo! Basta thank you sobra! You know who you are. Kita kits sa next gimik naten!

Dee goes Insane

Dear Blog,

I am feeling so sad and lonely today. What shall I do?


= = =
Dear Dee,

It’s okay to feel sad sometimes. You just have to let it out. C’mon write to me why are you feeling sad and lonely today? It will help you feel good afterwards. I promise.

= = =
Dear Blog,

Are you sure that I’m going to be alright? I feel like crying right now. I miss him so much but I’m not ready to talk to him. He’s so hard headed. He doesn’t listen! All he thinks of is his self. What a selfish man! Everything that I’ve been trying to tell him is for his own good. I feel like I’m talking to a stone. Argh! I don’t want to think about it anymore, what should I do?

= = =
Dear Dee,

Didn’t you feel a little better after letting it out? It’s his life. All you can do is giving him advices but still it’s his decision. If you think you don’t agree with his decision, then leave! No one asks you to stay, you can freely go anytime. And besides, he didn’t even ask you about your opinion. So don’t expect him to do what you want. It’s his life, mind your own.

Keep yourself busy with your own life. Keep on writing here and I’m sure it will help you a lot. I am always here for you. I’m just waiting for you to write to me. You can always count on me anytime 24/7.

= = =
Dear Blog,

Thank you for hearing me out and for the advices. I’ll keep that in mind.


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Meal of the Day: White Adobo and Stir Fried Cabbage, Shrimps and Bell Pepper

I am having a rough day today but still I have to cook. (sana hindi nalang ako yung magluluto today. super sad ko at parang wala akong gana gumawa ng kahit ano.) The menu of the day is White Adobo and Stir Fried Cabbage, Shrimps and Bell Pepper.

I woke up at around 7 am and when I went down, I opened the fridge and started to prepare the ingredients. (hays! nakakatamad maghiwa hiwa ng mga ito) After preparing everything I need, I first marinated the pork for 30 minutes. While waiting, I ate my breakfast
(grabe nagugutom na ako nun sobra) then afterwards , I started to cook the Stir Friend Cabbage, Shrimps and Bell Pepper then the White Adobo. (anu kaya ang lasa nito?) I got the recipe of the White Adobo in one of my cooking magazines and it turned out to be so yummy! (haha! mabuti nalang at ito ang napili ko lutuin today. Iniisip ko kasi kung anong lasa.. now I know!)

Anyway, here are the pictures of the two dishes I cooked for today:

Stir fried Cabbage, Shrimps and Bell Pepper

White Adobo

I had a wonderful lunch today! (yum yum!) I hope you all enjoyed your lunch today as much as I did. Ciao!

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On Smoking

Why do people smoke? What do they get from it? Why can’t they stop? These are some of the questions that play inside my mind. I have a lot of friends who smoke and in fact, during my college days I was the only one who graduated from our block who doesn’t smoke. For me, if you really don’t want to learn how to smoke then no one can influence you. Even if your friends turn their backs on you, are they your real friends? Think again. If they really were your true friends then they won’t let you do things that you don’t want to and those that can harm you.

Most of the smokers start to smoke when they are still in their teenage years. The desire to fit in or to be one of the ‘crowds’ is particularly strong during their adolescence stage. Many teenage begin smoking because they want to be cool. If their friends smoke there’s a lot of subtle pressure to take up the habit.
Young people may also feel that smoking makes them 'grown up' or it may be a form of rebellion against their parents and teachers. Most young people are already aware of the dangers of smoking so lecturing them about how they are harming their health can be futile.

Appealing advertising is also a big motivator in the desire to take up smoking. Although, most experts say that the most powerful determinants of smoking are the parents, peers and other siblings and not advertising.

Smoking is simply killing oneself little by little, day by day. I may not understand what benefits smokers from smoking but one thing’s for sure, it is not good for our health and will never do any good to us. Smoking is very unhealthy; it makes our other organs function accordingly. The lungs of these smokers don’t deliver as efficiently as those of who does not smoke.

Do you notice that some smokers (if not all, I mean NOT YET) develop an annoying cough? This is caused by the chemicals that the smokers get from smoking. Smokers mostly die in lung cancer; it also doubles the chance of heart diseases; it is also the main cause of chronic bronchitis (a serious lung infection) and emphysema (a crippling lung disease).

Can you quit? Yes, you can. Why quit tomorrow if you can do it now, right? Tomorrow never dies. If you really are determined to quit then you can. You just have to stand by your decisions and do the necessary actions. It is a must if you want the best for yourself and to those who are around you. Don’t be selfish and think ONLY of yourself. Think of those who are around you. You are harming them by smoking and through second hand smoke. As a girl who puts it, kissing a boy who smokes is like kissing a dirty ashtray. (Eeew!)

So, if you haven’t start smoking, don’t try it.Be proud that you have successfully resist the temptation.

To those who have tried this and learned how to stop, give yourself an applause. You are brave enough to overcome this addiction.

If you have already started and still wouldn't stop despite of all of these. Shame on you! You must call yourselves 'CRIMINALS' for you are not only slowly killing yourself but also the Mother Nature and of course, those people around you.

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Chocolate Milkshake

Monday, November 26, 2007


  • 1 cup milk ( you can also used low fat milk)
  • 1/2 cup chocolate Nesquik powdered mix
  • 3 cups Vanilla Ice cream


  • Allow Ice cream to soften in refrigerator for 1 hour.
  • Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth.

Makes 2 Servings

(this is so yummy.. you must try this one.. This recipe tastes like Wendy's Frosties! yum yum! )

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How to Make your own Tonkatsu Sauce?


  • 1 cup Ketchup
  • 2 tbsp Mirin
  • 1 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 large garlic clove, minced
  • 1/4 cup Soy Sauce
  • 2 tbsp Sugar
  • 1 tsp minced ginger root

  • In a large bowl, mix all ingredients. Mix well. Cover and let stand for 30 minutes for the flavors to develop.

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One Candle Wish

"I thought I was going to sneak away tonight. What a glorious night! Every face I see is a memory. It may not be a perfectly... perfect memory. Sometimes we've had our ups and downs, but we're all together, And you're mine, for a night. And I'm going to break precedence and tell you my one candle wish: that you would have a life, as lucky as mine where you can wake up one morning and say, "I don't want anything more." 65 years, don't they go by in a blink?"

Got this from a friend's multiply. I just wanna share it with you. (waaah! ang sweet kasi.. )

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Who were You in High School?

All American Kid

Popular but not plastic. Athletic but not a jock. Smart but not a brain.

You were well rounded and well liked in high school.

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The Quiz that Every Cosmo Chic should Dare to Answer

My hidden talent is: cooking and baking?!
The nickname my friends have for me: dee, haze, hazie
My first Celebrity crush is: Josh Hartnett
My favorite item of clothing in my closet is: a pair of good jeans
The best pick-up line that worked for me was: hi
My weirdest phobia is: Paralipophobia (fear of neglecting duties and tresponsiblities)
The sport I kick ass at is:sorry but I'm not into sports
My best stress reliever is: a good body massage / a message from Tiger *rawr*
When I wake up in the morning, I always do these two things: check my cellphone for messages and look at the mirror.
The best prank I've ever played on someone was: Err.. giving out a fake name just to get out of the scenario.
My favorite thing to do on a Saturday night is: to hangout with my RO Friends, to spend time with my HS / College barkada ( watch movies, dinner dates, etc..)
I'm totally addicted to: chicken
The illegal thing I would do if I would get away with it is: hahaha! I already did but I won't tell yah!
Plastic surgery: is just like wearing braces to correct your teeth!
When I want to feel sexy, I put on: lolx! wala po akong ginagawa and I don't want to feel sexy
The most imporatant lesson I've learned from love is: not to be selfish
My favorite part of my body is: my butt lolx! hahaha joke lang puh!
My least favorite body part is: my feet
I always wanted to be: a doctor but i am afraid of blood
The best gift I've ever been given was: LOVE
If I weren't studying my course right now, I would be taking up: nursing for sure napilit ako ng fam ko ng hindi oras. hahaha!
Marriage is: a binding commitment
The comfort food I always crave is: chocolates
The best compliment I've ever been given was: You're very smart and intelligent.
The quality I most like in a man is: "quality"

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Strawberry Lemonade

  • Use any lemonade mix
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 3 cups ice cubes
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries

  • MEASURE drink mix into cap to 1-quart line.
  • PLACE drink mix, water, ice and strawberries in blender container; cover. Blend on high speed 10 seconds. Turn off blender. Stir with spoon; cover. Blend an additional 5 seconds or until smooth. Serve immediately. Store leftover slush in freezer.

Poems: How Do I Love Thee?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight For the ends of Being and ideal Grace. I love thee to the level of everyday's Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light. I love thee freely, as men strive for Right; I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise. I love thee with a passion put to use In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith. I love thee with a love I seemed to lose With my lost saints, --- I love thee with the breath, Smiles, tears, of all my life! --- and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death.

How do I love thee?
By: Elizabeth Barrett Browning

This is one of my favorite poems that I have read during my high school days. Medyo medyo memorize ko pa nga ito hangang ngayon.

Do You Go For a Guy's Brains or Body?

You Go For Brains!

You want a guy with a big... brain.
And of course it would be nice if he were a total hottie, but you're not counting on it.
What's on the inside is what counts for you.
(Besides, you can always change the outside later!)

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