Love hurts

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Love is the most wonderful feeling, and so they say. But it is also the most powerful feeling that can make you happy and at the same time sad. It can hurt you if you don't play it right but it can give you so much happiness if you give it to the people who would love you back.

I never thought that I'd be so much exposed to love at the early age of twenty two. I have been in love a couple of times and I've been hurt several times. I don't regret any of it because each relationship made me stronger.

I am in love right now and at the same time hurt. The boy I love the most told me that his love for me is slowly fading. My whole world stopped and just like the sound of the gun *bang*, my tears fell slowly and my heart beats faster.. am I to loose this boy whom I tried to give everything I could? I can't think, I can't concentrate... I don't know what to do...

We're still together but the fear of loosing him makes me feel bad. He acts normal as if nothing is wrong. What was I to do?

Right now, I am trying to put a smile on my face and pretend that everything is alright..

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