I Blame it to the Bad Weather

Monday, August 4, 2008

I woke up late today because of the bad weather. I wanted to sleep more but I have to go to work today. *argh* I attempted to sleep again 5 times but my little brother just keeps on waking me up till I got up and prepared for work.

I was at the area where I usually wait for my ride. 10 minutes.. 20 minutes.. 30 minutes.. had past still there are no vans going to global city, the fort. I hate this day! I am too lazy and the weather is not going on my way. The wind is so strong, the rain starts to pour and my slacks are getting wet. Finally, after 45minutes of waiting I finally got my ride to work. When I arrived at the office, my slacks have few drops of mud. I hate this.. I hate the bad weather for today..

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