You know you’re obsessed with Twilight when…

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You know you’re obsessed with Twilight when…

· When someone says “This is made of Velvet” you touch it while thinking (or saying) “So this is what Edward’s voice feels like”.

· You listen for Twilight related words so much that if someone mentions something that is LIKE something in the book, your mind immediately goes to Twilight. An example of this would be if someone says “Spoons” and you think of “Forks” or if someone says “Edwin” you immediately think of Edward.

· Someone mentions a word like “pickles” and adds that it’s just about the only thing that doesn’t remind them of Twilight. You then associate pickles with Twilight.

· You are envious of Alice and Edward because they both knew what happened in Breaking Dawn before you did.

· When you WANT to hear voices in your head. After all, when Bella went insane, she heard Edward.
· You decide blaming everything on yourself is a good thing. After all, you like following Edward’s example.

· Cliff diving sounds like a creditable sport and completely safe… As long as Jacob Black is there to rescue you.

· You want to go cliff diving during a hurricane wind in a hope that Jacob (or another werewolf) will be there to save you. Going cliff diving in La Push gives you extra points.

· When someone mentions a time of day that is NOT the title of one of the books and you think of Twilight. (Emgeal mentioned this one)

· Blood is mentioned and you immediately think of Twilight. This can be anything from someone getting a blood transfusion to saying the communion prayer at church.

· You have canceled all activities on the 2nd of August to read Breaking Dawn and in December when the movie comes out.

· You visit the zoo and see the bears/wolves. Rather than think how cute or fierce they are, you imagine one of the Cullens making a meal out of the wild animal.

· When you hear thunder, you think of vampires playing baseball.

· When someone mentions a tracker you think that a vampire would do a better job.

· If someone says “fire”, “Ice”, or both you feel the need to mention Edward and Jacob.

· When someone mentions Romeo and Juliet you only know what it is because of Twilight.

· While reading Romeo and Juliet you imagine the Twilight characters rather than the real ones. For instance, Romeo=Edward, Juliet=Bella, Paris=Jacob.

· You refuse to date someone named Mike because he’s too normal.

· After watching a major league baseball game you find it tame. After all, it’s not nearly so interesting as barely seeing the players.

· You’d never heard of Wuthering Heights before reading Eclipse, but after reading Eclipse you have decided it is one of your favorite books… Before you read it. (Same goes for Romeo and Juliet)

· When you teacher mentioned Switzerland in class, you couldn’t help telling them that Bella Swan was Switzerland.

· When you were told you were wrong, you insist that New Moon told you so.

· When told New Moon is a fiction book you argue with “But –insert your favorite character’s name here- must be real!”

· You understand that Switzerland is neutral only because Bella supposedly won’t pick between vampires and werewolves.

· You have heated debates about what country that makes Jacob and Edward.

· You call guys named Edward “Cullen Impersonators”.

· You tell your boyfriend that it’s the “in” thing to go over 100 MPH on the highway at all times and threaten to break up with him if he refuses.

· You find yourself having more discussions about Twilight then you do about your day, friends, family, and self put together.

· You take a trip to Italy in search for where the Volturri live.

· Better yet, you look as hard as you can in a hope you’ll see one of the characters- even if it means becoming vampire chow.

· You plan a vacation to go to every place mentioned in the books. This means Forks, Phoenix, Alaska, Volterra, Switzerland, etc.

· You go to La Push and try to make the locals as angry as you can in a hope they turn into werewolves.

· When they don’t, you decide they must have REALLY good self-control.

· You try to get arrested in Forks. After all, if the chief policeman really is Charlie, Bella and Edward aren’t far behind.

· Whenever you hear a song about romance you think of Bella and Edward. Double points if you hear a song about someone not being loved back and think of Jacob. Triple points if you can match every romance song in existence with Twilight in some way or form.

· On your eighteenth birthday you purposefully cut yourself hoping a vampire will try and attack you (and then of course that you’ll be saved by Edward).

· Every year you have a birthday past seventeen you throw a temper tantrum about how everyone else is immortal but you.

· You deny ever turning beyond eighteen. You can’t be too old for Edward and Jacob, how terrible!

· You spend more effort and time rooting for a character (especially a side character) then you do on activities like reading the books, doing your homework, and taking care of your pets.

· You become a doctor just in case you run into Carlisle in a few years.

· You only go to school on non-sunny days.

· You ask your parents to move to the rainiest, least sunny place of all because of this (double points if you now want to live in Forks).

· You insist on moving someplace sunny while still only going to school on cloudy days. When your parents try to make you go, you claim you are a vampire and too beautiful to disrupt the human world.

· You insist on lurking in the shadows when your parents make you go. You also wear heavy eyeliner to make the dark shadows under your eyes.

· You buy a full Cullen outfit. This includes colored contacts (amber and black for when you are “hungry”), lots of eye shadow, foundation three shades too light for your skin, and expensive clothing.

· You style your hair exactly like a character in the book. If someone can’t guess whom you’re mimicking, you burst into tears.

· You start to do dangerous things whenever the opportunity arises in a hope you’ll hear Edward’s voice, angry at you for being stupid.


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