Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Have you ever feel alone with no one to talk to or no one to share your problems with? I happen to experience this today. It feels lonely and I've been crying for no reason at all. I tried to focus my attention to different things but I don't know why this feeling keeps affecting my daily activities. *sigh*

I wanted to have an imaginary friend, whom I can share my feelings with and my personal experiences. At least he or she will never get sick and tired of me. But I am too old for those kind of things. Err.. Writing this in my blog makes me feel a lot better but talking to a real person makes a big difference. I wish I could have a new friend, a friend whom I can share everything with. The one who will never get tired of listening to me. One I could trust and share my secrets with. Oh, I miss my old friends... but they're too busy now with work or with their personal lives.

Life is short, I know I should be enjoying every single second of it but going through every day's challenges with someone feels a lot better than taking everything alone.

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