Meal of the Day: Califlower, Mushrooms and Pork with Special Sauce

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Its Sunday and I had a hell of a week last week. I am very tired from work and so I woke up late today around 9am. My mom told me that my aunt will be arriving soon so Ryan and I have to cook. Ryan made his delicious spaghetti and I cooked mixed vegetables - cauliflower, mushrooms and pork with a special sauce I made.

Here's the dish I cooked:

Cauliflower, mushrooms and pork with special sauce

My family loved this. hehe! I had to think of something different because my mom always buys cauliflower. I don't want to bake it anymore so I came up with this. Good thing, the flavors of the ingredients came out. Till next time! Ciao!

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