One Tiring Week

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I had a week of loads of things to do and to think of. Almost every spare time, my team mates and I were planning where to go and where to eat last friday. It has been a tradition in the company that the new hires treats the other employees. So our team talked about our budget and think of what to do.

I was also busy helping my bestfriend with her problem. I actually don't want to get involved but they keep dragging me into it. I feel so tired and lonely. I wanted to stay home, remove my brain to stop thinking and remove my heart to stop beating. I am missing him badly.

Last January, my boyfriend asked me out for February 15 (UP Fair). I am very excited about it but got disappointed when he told me that I am not going with him but he'll still go. I wanted to be with him badly. So I decided to go to his place.

Friday was very tiring. In the morning, we've been planning for the lunch out for the whole PeopleSoft Division. We went to Market Market and ate at Hap Chan. Hap Chan is our Managers' favorite resto and so we have no choice but to eat there. I am happy that our team satisfied their food cravings. After that, we walked around market market. When we were on the way back to the office. I saw lots of people walking around. Uh-oh, its the Makati rally! When the time came that we were about to go home, I was looking for public vehicles so that I could arrive at my boyfriends' place as early as I can. Too bad, that I had to walk from Paseo de Roxas to Gil Puyat. While walking there, I felt like I am in an abandoned city where there was no people around. I mean there were few people walking down the streets. There's no public vehicles, only the private ones. When I saw a bus rushing at Gil Puyat, I hurriedly rode the bus. There were a lot of people rushing to the bus and luckily, I was one of the few who successfully entered the bus. haha! When I got to buendia, I hurriedly went to pasay rotonda to ride a van going to Cavite. Err.. there were a lot of abusive policemen who threatens these fx drivers. So the passengers were hidding just so they could get home. We were all like criminals hiding and running. Haha! (what an experience! these abusive policemen is asking for 150 thousand pesos from these drivers! what a shame!) Well, I came to his place even though I feel so tired already. We ate our dinner together and spend time together. At 12 midnight, we rode a van going back to my place. After walking me home, HE WENT TO THE UP FAIR. I didn't want him to go. If he's going, I wanted to go too but he doesn't like that idea. Well, I couldn't stop him anyway, I went home at around 7am in the morning.

I felt like my efforts are worthless. I went to his place because I wanted to be with him and that if he's going to the UP fair.. I wanted to go too. I am feeling so sad and tired too...

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