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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hello guys! Sorry for being busy lately. I've been wanting to post a lot of stuff here but I had my first day at work yesterday and been busy in a lot of stuffs.

Yesterday was exciting yet tiring. I've met my new team mates -- Lian, Jasper,Patrick and Gina. They're all nice except for Gina. I think she's a little bitchy. (waaah! sorry but i can't help but to notice) Well, she's been flirting with our trainers. (oh well.. none of my business!) Anyway, the whole morning we were answering our info's for the insurance, company profile, etc. We had a tour around the company. They were all so nice and friendly. We even met the President to personally welcome us.

At lunch time, I had a lunch date with my bestfriend, Lyn and with my highschool and college friend (and classmate), Gerry. We our lunch together and had our discussion with our former classmates. After that, I hurriedly went back to the office because I have to attend the orientation at 1:30pm but unfortunately it was canceled because everyone is busy preparing for the Company Kickoff and the sad part was we were waiting like crazy and they just told us that the orientation was canceled at around 3pm? haha! So much fun eh?

The company kickoff was nice it was held at Cravings, few blocks away from the office. We discussed about the years budget, about last year --if the company met their aims. There were also pictures and videos about the last years' activity. I think I'll be having so much fun here. I was amazed that the HR department had a dance number. I think it was cute! Miss Jen, the HR who always assists me, was lifted while dancing. (ooh! I could just imagine how much her weight is.. haha! I think she's in 150lbs?!)

Anyway, my first day was okay.. and I hope that I'll be having more fun together with my team mates.

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