Meal of the Day: Chicken Teriyaki and Yakisoba

Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's Sunday so Ryan and I are the Chefs of the day! I am so excited. I'm starting to love cooking! I can't imagine how time flies because before I don't want to learn how to cook but now here I am enjoying every dish I make. (Super duper saya ko lalo na pag sinasabi nila na masarap yung luto ko.. lalo tuloy ako ginaganahan na magluto for them.. lagi tuloy ako napapaisip kung ano pa ang pwede kong lutuin na magugustuhan nila )

The menu of the day: Chicken Teriyaki and Yakisoba. I am the one who cooked the Chicken Teriyaki and Ryan is the one who cooked the Yakisoba. (yum yum! oops.. hindi ko dito ilalagay un recipe.. wahahahaa! secret ko na yun.. )

Here are the much awaited pictures..

Chicken Teriyaki


My family gave us a two thumbs up! (weee! super nakakatuwa at super sarap ng feeling na nagustuhan nila yung pinaghirapan mo.) We had our lunch and afterwards, we had chocolate ice cream as a dessert.

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