Meal of the Day: Pork Siomai

Friday, November 23, 2007

Earlier this morning, my mom woke me up asking me to cook for today. I asked her what to cook and she just ignored me. (errr... ang hirap naman mag-isip ng lulutuin.. bakit ground pork pa kasi ang binili ni mommy?!) I opened the fridge to look for ingredients (meron namang bawang, sibuyas, carrots... hmm walang patatas so hindi pwedeng giniling na baby.. hindi rin naman pwedeng bola bola walang singkamas.. errr..). I browsed my recipe notebook, magazines and I even went online.. still I couldn;t decide what to cook. While flipping the pages of my notebook, I saw a recipe of Pork Siomai (hmm.. ito kaya ang lutuin ko? Favorite ni Valerie ito..). I called our maid, Jen, and ask her to buy the missing ingredients. I ate my breakfast while waiting and when she arrived, I hurriedly made the siomai. Then, I called one of our maids, Emilyn, to wrap the ground pork into the Wonton Wrapper and asked her to steam it afterwards (hahaha! wise ako.. inutos ko sa maid un mahirap na part.. excites kasi ako mg-internet).

At lunch, I ate my homemade pork siomai. (weee, success ang gawa ko at it's my first time to make siomai.. good for me)

I planned to take pictures of my pork siomai just before eating dinner but unfortunately, when I went down for diner I forgot about the pictures and hurriedly ate my dinner. (haha! gutom na po kasi ako.. huhu.. pasenxa na..)

Sorry.. I know I told you that I'm going to post the picture. Hindi bale next time na gumawa ako nito.. I'll definitely post a picture. Anyway, I'm glad that my family liked my pork siomai. Till my next cooking adventure! Ciao!

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