Meal of the Day: Honey Gingered Chicken, Fried Fish with Chili Pineapple Sauce and Pumpkin Soup

Friday, November 30, 2007

Today, my uncle is going back to Japan, where he lives with my other Aunts and Uncles. So I was assigned AGAIN to cook for today’s lunch for our little get together before he leaves. I was only expecting to cook one dish but my mom surprised me that I’m cooking two dishes for today. (waaah! Ang daya daya naman.. si Ryan hindi magluluto ngaun. Ako lang!) So can you imagine how busy I am? I am also expecting a delivery from Botak, the Armada Jackets. Oh, just imagine how messy I will look like when the delivery arrives. I had to go out to buy a couple of ingredients missing. When I get back, I got mad at our maid. I told her to cut the big fish into two. She just sliced the tummy of the fish the other way I wanted. It was part of the presentation of how the fish will look like so I had to think of something else. after a couple of minutes of thinking, I came up with a new idea and it turned out to be good. Anyway, I prepared Honey gingered Chicken and Fried fish with Chili Pineapple Sauce. My mom made a yummy Pumpkin Soup.

Honey Gingered Chicken

Fried Fish with Chili Pineapple Sauce

Pumpkin Soup

My family loves the two dishes I made. After our lunch, there was not a single piece of chicken left and even the fish. I wonder where the head of the fish had gone. (kawawa naman ung isda pati un ulo nia nadissect ) Oh, and we all loved the pumpkin soup.

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