Memories of Yesterday: The Ehalls and Trinoma Gimik

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Last Saturday (November 24,2007), My brother and I went to E-halls (Espanya corner Instruccion Street) for the siege. Ooh I love saturdays! Why do I love Saturdays? Because my mom would allow me to go out with my friends and I spend my saturday's siege at E-halls, where my other guildmates also spend their time.

Last Saturday was one of the happiest saturdays because Chink and Goddess Anne paid a visit. (if I know si Alvin and the other boys ay super tuwang tuwa dito! hahaha! bakit kaya? ) We all had fun. After the siege, nagpicture picture muna kami. Nyahahaha!

Here are the pictures:

Afterwards, we all went to Trinoma! We all ate our dinner together and watched a movie called "The Nanny Diaries".

Thank You sobra sa naghatid sa amin ng brother ko! ^_^ Hindi ko na mention name mo! Basta thank you sobra! You know who you are. Kita kits sa next gimik naten!

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