The Taxi Scam

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The RPC 2007 has already ended but the demand of the Armada T-shirt continues. So we've decided to make the 3rd and final batch. Belle, Gabo and I were the ones who handle this project. I am the one responsible to contact Ms. Connie, our contact from the Outlet. I have placed an order for the 3rd batch of t-shirts a few days after the RPC. I was shocked when she demanded a higher price because our order was below 50pcs. After several days of arguments, we then came to a final resolution and both agreed. I kept on calling her for almost 3 weeks and still here’s no progress until later this morning. When I called their shop, she finally told me that the t-shirts were done and ready to pick up. I hurriedly texted my guildmate, Korv, to help me in carrying the t-shirts and we met up at around 2pm.

We got the t-shirt and while waiting for a taxi there was a man who approached us.

Manong: Saan ba kayo papunta?
Dee: Sa espanya po.
Manong: Sakay na kayo saken matagal ang taxi dito. Ihahatid ko na kayo sa espanya.
*Dee looking for a taxi / car and saw nothing but a pedicab*
Dee: Saan po tayo sasakay?
Manong: Dito sa pedicab ko. Kayang kaya yan.
Dee: ah, eh manong taxi nalang po kmi.
*tumawid si dee at korv sa kabilang side*

Manong 2: Saan ba ang punta ninyo?
Korv: Sa bandang espanya po
Manong 2: Ay papunta din ako ng UST! Sa akin na kayo sumakay.
*Dee at Korv sbay tingin sa pedicab*
Dee: Hindi na po manong maghihintay nalang po kmi ng taxi.

After a long wait, finally, we got our cab. On our way, Korv and I are busy chatting. When we were in Maceda St., the street before E-halls, the driver suddenly interrupt our conversation.

Driver: Yung singil ko dito dalawang piso kada 10 kilometers
*napaisip si dee at demo*
Driver: Nasa 3800kilometers na tayo. Tutuloy pa ba tayo?
*Korv nabadtrip*
Korv: Manong sa Mini Stop niyo nalang kami ibaba (in a loud voice)

Korv:Magkano yung bill namin?
Driver:410php na.
Korv:Pahinging 90php sukli sa 500php
Driver:Wla akong barya eh
*Dee may nakapang 20php sa bag sabay abot kay Korv*
Korv:Eto, 420php pahinging 10php
Driver:Wla akong barya eh
*Dee at Korv inis na inis na bumaba sa taxi.. biglang bumubulong magisa si Korv*

Dee:Anu snasabi mo?
Korv:Minememorize ko yung plate number nung taxi na iyon.
*Sabay naglakad papuntang E-halls at pg dating doon sabay kwento sa guildmates sa nangyri. Lahat sila inis na inis din kasi usually 80php lang ang taxi simula pagawaan hangng doon sa E-halls*

Later on, Macky bought me an order of siomai just across E-halls. (hays! Kahit papaano naman eh nabawas bawasan yung inis ko.) we went back the shop and after several minutes of chatting with my friends, I went home because I still have to cook for dinner. It has to be special because it’s my cousins’ birthday. (Happy Birthday Atchie Grace!)

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sad. :(

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