Boring Day at Work!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today, I got up late and hurriedly went to the office. I woke up at around 7am and got to the office by 8:10am (pretty fast eh? to think that I came all the way from Paco, Manila and the office is at Market Market, Taguig).

Anyway, I started my day at work by having breakfast with my co-trainees at ASTI. I ate my cereals then I went back to my desk. We were suppose to start the installation of PeopleSoft in the Application Server, Database and to the Virtual Machine (Windows NT) but then, they can't find where the license key is. They don't even know who keeps the CD installers from Oracle. I don't know what my expression would be. They kept on passing us to other people to get the information. Finally, we found the CD installers but still do not have the license keys!
Later on, I got an email from Francis, the PS Admin, he got the license keys from the Oracle.

Now, we are all set! We can now start installing... then, I started to access the putty and xmanager comparing what to use for easy installing. When the connection failed! Okay, they have not yet fixed it.. we still have to wait.. wait until forever

What I did today? Document and listed all the installers they have so that next time, we won't have to download it from the internet. Its more productive to have a list of reference of what you already have right?

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