Invisible Girl

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yesterday was quite a tough day. I am not feeling good, I have colds and a little fever but still I have to go to work. I had a very irritating day with lots of task to do. People are too lazy to do things that they depend on me. Argh! I hate it when you will just type it on Google but still you have to ask me to do it.

I had a very sad day and I don't have anyone to turn to. Well, I talked to my boyfriend and he told me to do things that would make me happy. So I was thinking of something fun. I thought of writing here in at my blog. When I opened my browser, my default page loaded, Google, well I remembered the movie I watched lately, the title is Wanted, the guy googled himself and found nothing. Then I thought of doing the same. Am I a nobody like him? Things like that popped out of my mind. So there, I found quite a number of results and found myself. Huurrraay! I can be found over the web! Haha. I was so amazed and googled a lot of people I know including my boyfriend. Well, I found a site with a couple of information about him and I messaged him, Hey! You didn't tell me that you were the outstanding athlete when you were still in high school. Stuff like that. Well, he thought that I was talking to someone he knew. I didn't want to tell him about the site I found but I told him that I am not talking to someone he knew. He wouldn't believe me. Later on, he got mad because he told me that I was disturbing him. So there, I logged out and found myself alone again... sad. Hay buhay bakit ba ganito ang nangyayari.. Well, there are a lot of things that happened and my day didn't turned out to be alright.

After work, I found myself walking along the streets thinking of a lot of my problems. I just couldn't stand what's happening. Para nga akong tangang naglalakad kung saan saan. Anyway, when I got tired I finally went home. To my surprise, I hear people shouting when I get home so I just went straight to my room. No one cared if I was there, if I already ate, if I was feeling okay. I never felt so alone in my life. I wish my dad was here..

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