Meal of the Day: Baked Cheese-topped Chili Cauliflower

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I went out of the bed early today because I couldn't sleep well and of course I have to cook lunch for my family. (kahit na super sad ko..) I still have to cook good food for them, I want to satisfy them with my cooking and of course, I want to hide my sadness from them. (pero diba sabi nila.. hindi masarap ang luto ng isang tao kapag bad mood sya or malungkot?!)

The other day, I asked my mom to buy Cauliflower for today. I am thinking of cooking this dish for the whole week but of course I have to ask my mom if it would be okay to her budget because today is Sunday, we had Spaghetti, Fried Chicken with Gravy and *ehem* *ehem* (siyempre ito ung special na luto ko for today) Baked Cheese-topped chili cauliflower. (sounds yummy?! haha hindi lang sounds yummy talagang yummy kse binudburan ko ng super daming cheese ung ibabaw.)

I cooked the Baked Cheese-topped Chili Cauliflower and fried chicken. When I came down to eat my breakfast, I couldn't help but to start preparing the things that I need. As soon as I finished my sandwich, I marinated the chicken for the flavors to develop. Then, i started to wash the cauliflower (binabad ko sa bowl with water and salt para matanggal yung germs.) and started to chop the other ingredients that I need. I cooked the cauliflower and the aroma is so good --the mixture of olive oil and butter. (oops.. hindi ko po sasabhn kng paano ko ginawa. hahaha!) Then I baked it. Here's the picture of the Baked Cheese-topped Chili Cauliflower:

Baked Cheese-topped Chili Cauliflower

Ooops.. I forgot to take pictures of the spaghetti and fried chicken. (kunwari nalang meron ha. pag psenxhn nio na.. may amnesia na ako. at mdyo nwawala sa sarili lately T_T) I only took the close up picture. I forgot to take another one. Hehe!

This dish is sooo good. Can't wait to cook this again.

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