Meal of the Day: Fried Pork with Cream Cheese Sauce and Braised Eggplants

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I had a very busy day today. When I woke up in the morning, I kept thinking about going to Ayala. My worries were set aside when my mom assigned me to cook. Of course, I am excited. I was thinking of cooking the eggplants in a different way. Then I came up with an idea of cooking it as Braised Eggplant. You must be wondering what the heck is 'Braised Eggplants' ?! To tell you the truth, this is just the first time that I am going to cook this dish. Its a combination of a little sweet but spicy. Yummy eh?! Wait till you taste it. I would definitely cook this dish again and again. Then I also tried to make this sauce -- cream cheese sauce. This is way different from the ones you see in bottles in the grocery. (pinagiisipan ko pa kung ilalagay ko dito kung paano gawin itong special sauce na ito. hahaha! bad ako!)I ask our maid to slice the pork since the butcher from the market sliced it unevenly but our maid sliced it too small. When we fried the pork it became smaller. I was a bit disappointed and decided to cook this dish again but I am not going to use pork tenderloin again. I'll ask my mom to buy pork chops with no bones and fat. ^_^

Anyway, here are the pictures.

Braised Eggplants

Fried Pork With Cream Cheese Sauce

And of course, my family loved both of the dishes I made. The Cream Cheese Sauce is really yummy. My sister, Valerie, who does not eat meat, ate the fried pork with cream cheese sauce and says that she'd give TWO THUMBS UP!. ( grabe, hindi ko naisip na kakain sya.. kse lgi nia snasabi muslim sya kaya hindi sya kmakain ng baboy unless giniling. hahaha!)

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