Space Shuttle stalled at mid-air with 25 students

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I was watching television with my mom when I saw a shocking news --- the space shuttle (Enchanted Kingdom) got stalled at mid-air. I was like OMG our guild is also planning to go to Enchanted Kingdom as our Christmas Party.

The said ride got stalled at around 5:30pm. I saw the news around 8?! (haha hindi sure eh basta sa TV patrol) When I saw the news, there were 8 kids left at the ride. They where there for a field trip. They all came from different schools. They were brought to the hospital after they were rescued to check them.

Hays! Christmas season nanaman at napapansin ko nalang every year may mga nagpapass away sa ganitong season or prone to accidents. So guys, ingat ingat sa mga lakad at kung hindi naman important just stay at home.

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