Memories of Yesterday: My New Hair

Monday, December 31, 2007

Its been a tradition in our family that we cut our hairs before the year ends. I don't know if others practice this too but most of the Chinese family do this.

I am having second thoughts of having my hair cut. The last weeks of December has been memorable and lucky for me and the main point of cutting the hair is to cut off the bad luck. I was thinking that if I cut my hair my luck will be gone too. (haha! parang sira eh noh.. worried na worried na bka mwala ang swerte ko.) My cousins and sibling kept bugging me the whole day to come with them in the parlor.

After hours and hours of delay, finally, we've decided to go to SM Manila at around 4:30pm. We've been going around the mall trying to look for a good parlor. (grabe! ang dami daming nagpapagupit noh.. tas ang haba haba ng pila) After a half an hour, we've decided to go to Freshaire at the top level of SM Manila. (doon daw kse ngpapagupit ung isa kong pinsan. hehe! nakakatuwa.. maganda ung gupit sa akin at bka bumalik ako doon next time. )

I love my new hair kahit na sabi nila na parang walang pinagbago! hahaha! At sa sobrang saya ko.. I forgot to take a picture of my new hair. Hindi bali, makikita nio naman sa pictures ko today eh. Sige, later ulit.

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