Meal of the Day: Sweet and Sour Tilapia Fillets

Friday, December 7, 2007

Today I was excited to cook because I was thinking of bringing some of the dish that I'll be cooking to someone I suppose to meet today. But unfortunately, it didn't happen. (sayang... sobrang excited pa naman ako. haha! for the first time.. mapapatikim ko na sana yung luto ko sa iba -- iba meaning not one of my family members)

I asked my mom to buy fillets but I want Tilapia fillets (tilapia is also called Saint Peters' fish). I am thinking of making spring rolls with tilapia but we ran out of ham so I cooked sweet and sour tilapia fillets.

Yummy yummy tilapia fillets! (super kinulit ko pa mommy ko to buy this.. snasabi nia na sa mall groceries lang daw meron. pero meron din sa wet market you just have to ask them to fillet it.) I love this dish. (waah! bigla kong gustong magluto tuloy ng sweet and sour pork! hahaha!)

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