Meal of the Day: Fried Fish Fillets with Pepper and Thyme

Friday, December 14, 2007

I am feeling super lazy today but still i have to cook. (haha! wala naman ibang magluluto nito kundi ako) My mom bought fish fillet. Hmm, sounds yummy. But I can't decide what to cook. I am thinking of cooking one of the first dishes that I successfully made --- the fried fish fillet with pepper and thyme. (super sarap nito! ahihi! dami ko nanaman nakain dahil dito haha ayoko na magluto ng masarap. kase dami ko nakakain. hahaha!) And of course I made some creamy garlic mayo dip. (para mas masarap... promise. mas nagkakalasa... )

Sorry if I am being too lazy to write this past few days. I just ran out of words to say.

Anyway, here's the Fried Fish fillets with Pepper and Thyme. I poured the creamy garlic mayo sauce.

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