Day 5: New Start

Friday, January 11, 2008

I went up early yesterday to pick up my NBI Clearance and to my dismay, after the long wait in the long line, they told me to come back at 1pm. I called up my mom and told her about it and she told me to go back the next day. I went near a girl who works there and asked her what's the problem in my clearance that I have to go back by 1pm. She just answered that they have a lot of things to do and my papers is at pending. I saw the guy that I was talking with last monday when I applied for the clearance. He told me he got his clearance right away. So I asked another girl who works there about it. She just told me to go back at the said time and asked me to leave. There's no loitering around so I have to come back. Just imagine, I was there 9am then they're asking me to be back by 1pm. Well, I didn't came back yesterday because I have to go with my aunt who is having a vacation here. I'll be going to NBI later.

My aunt, cousin and I went to Duty Free. My mom followed us there. My remaining time in the morning and whole afternoon was strolling around Duty Free. Errr.. I saw lots of chocolates. We bought lots of them. My aunt bought me a bag which costs around 100 dollars. (She is my godmother and she told me that she haven't gave me a gift for a long time.. so there) After duty free, we went to binondo area. We went to an optical shop to have her eyes checked and then afterwards we went home. I was so tired that when I went home I was so lazy to get out of the bed to play ragnarok for siege and that is also the reason why I didn't post anything yesterday.

I had a busy day that I didn't texted him much (my boyfriend). I only reply to his messages. I don't want him to get angry anymore. So I tried my best not to bother him so that he could enjoy his trip. Around in the afternoon, I told him what I felt about what we've talked about the other day. ( my post in day 4) I told him that I was so scared that he'd leave me and that I'll be doing what he wants. He told me not to worry because he's not going to leave me and he was sorry for what he said. (I am sorry too for being too possessive and being 'makulit' ) Throughout the day, I tried not to disturb him. Well, my day went well except the part when I went to NBI. I just hope that I'll get it today.

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