The NBI Clearance Adventure

Monday, January 7, 2008

I was in a hurry this morning to go to NBI Carriedo. When I got there, you can't go up the building because of the long line. So I asked the people where the end of the line is. I was walking when a fixer approached me. He was convincing me that he'll be the one to fix my papers I only have to pay 140php for the application and 300php for the employee that will process my paper. I said no but he kept on convincing me. There are also vendors who sells "cedula" , beware because this is fake. If you want to buy cedula, you can buy it inside the building of NBI Clearance center. It is located just before the stairs going to 4th floor. Back to the line, I was walking towards the end of the line when I noticed that I just walked for about 2 blocks from the building. Just imagine how long the line is. After that street, we entered another street for another 2 blocks of line. It was really hot awhile ago. The sun is so high and the slow process gives the people an angry look. So we went up the building, there was a line till we reached the 3rd floor. We had to pay 20bucks and proceed to the application area. I looked at the price list and I only have to pay 115php for my NBI Clearance. ( Lol. The fixer is over pricing. )

The Steps in getting your NBI Clearance are as follows

  • 1st Step: The Payment
  • 2nd Step: Data Checking
  • 3rd Step: Quick data check
  • 4th Step: Picture Taking
  • 5th Step: Thumb marking
  • 6th Step: The Filling
  • 7th Step: Releasing
I was feeling bad because I lost my ID and I wasn't able to find it. When I was in the 6th Step, when i noticed that the guy getting the forms are just collecting them and he just stamped January 10, 2008 at the back of my receipt. When I got into the 7th step, the girl told me that, the release of my NBI Clearance is on January 10 because I have the same name in their record. Do they really check it? I was looking at the receipts of the other people at my back. And we all got the same stamp. I observed the guy in step 6th. He doesn't even look at the names. He just put the application forms in a box and stamp all the receipts without adjusting the dates. Oh well, Philippine Government it is! Poor service! Well, I didn't argue with them anymore because I am so hungry. Its almost 2pm and I haven't eaten my lunch.

A Few Tips on Getting your NBI Clearance:

  • Bring Black Ballpen
  • Bring Water and snacks
  • Bring 2 Valid IDs (A copy of your NBI Clearance will not be accepted)
  • Do not transact with fixers
  • Do not buy cedula outside the building
  • Be alert of your things. (mahirap na baka masalisihan kayo)
  • Make sure you are on the right line (ang dami dami ko nakitang nasayang ang oras dahil mali yung pinilahan nila)

First Pay is 20php at the cashier. She will hand you a ticket. DO NOT loose it. It will be collected at Step 2.

Application for Local Employment and Abroad is 115php. (yung iba hindi ko na alam! haha)

Good Luck Guys!

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