Missing you...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's Sunday and I feel so lazy. I feel so sad. I'm missing my baby. He left this morning to go to Iloilo, his fathers' hometown. He needs to make sure that his sister,Bess, will come back there safely and he needs to fix computers for his aunties.

I usually cook for my family during Sundays. But today, I couldn't I didn't even went up to bed when I knew that he already left. I started to feel sad. I miss him badly. I know I shouldn't feel like this. His only going to be there for a week. I am so attached to him and how I wish I am not. I want him to enjoy his trip but I couldn't understand myself that whenever I feel that he is so happy and excited about his trip... i feel so sad and lonely. I stayed at my bed and went up now (10:45pm). I am feeling bored so I thought of writing in my blog. I am somehow hoping that I'd feel a little better now.

I wanted to sleep and wake up on Saturday. I have a lot of things to do this week. I know I should focus my attention to more important things than this. But i couldn't help but to miss him so much...

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