Kai Xiao

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kai Xiao ( I am not sure if this is the exact pinyin of the word) is a Chinese word which means to let two people meet to have friendship that will somehow lead to future relationship if desired. It is also related to the Chinese tradition where the parents decide and finds a partner to his son or daughter to marry. This is a trend way back in my grandparents or even before them that was passed to generation to generation.

My lolo (in the father side) lived in China and met a Chinese business man who came from the Philippines (they migrated from China to Philippines). They became friends and got closed to each other. The Chinese businessman liked my Lolo alot that he wants to "kai xiao" him to my lola who lives here in the Philippines. He then showed a pretty picture of my lola. My lolo then fell in love with her and saved up to be able to go here in the Philippines. The two of them met through my great grandfather and they both liked each other. So the rest was history.

Nowadays, there are still people who practice this kind of Chinese tradition. They (the Chinese parents today) still believed that "kai xiao" is the best way to choose the best family for their kids. I know, they just want to ensure their kids future but why don't they give their kids freedom to choose. Whatever happens to their lives are their choice. The only role that they can do is to guide them if they are in the dark side of life.

So why am I talking about this "kai xiao" thing? Err.. last year, I couldn't remember when if it is November or December. When I came home, my mom told me that my aunt, who lives 6 units away from us, was looking for me. Her wealthy client wants to meet me for his son. Okay, I am not into "kai xiao" because I can decide on my own and besides someone own it right now. I kept murmuring and told my mom that I don't want to meet anyone. (Hmm.. they don't know about my boyfriend yet, because my family is kinda traditional when it comes to having a boyfriend. They wanted a Chinese guy for me. I am not particular in race. As long as I love the guy.. I'll love him as long as I can) They keep on insisting and I have nothing to do to object because the guy and his family arrived at my aunts' house. Err.. they guy was kinda weird and he looks like he just came from mainland China. I didn't even want him to be my friend (haha! i'm mean). Anyway, they just talked and talked and talked while I was sitting there. Every move I make, they are all looking at me. Err.. I hate that moment and I hate that they because it interrupted my siege moments! haha! (It was siege day when it happened, siege day in Philippine Ragnarok Online) Anyway, nothing happened good thing that the father wants a taller girl. He said that I was short. Err.. I am not short. I am completely contented with my height.

This afternoon, my aunt called up again. Err.. She wants to "kai xiao" me again to her friends' son. I told her that I am not interested but she keeps on insisting. Help anyone! Please hide me! hahaha! My boyfriend doesn't know about this yet (the second kai xiao). I hope he won't get mad because it wasn't my fault and I don't like it anyway. I just hope that my aunts' plan would change. She should choose my other cousins who doesn't have a boyfriend. I am way too young to get married. I still wanted to enjoy life and of course, enjoy being single.

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