Meal of the Day: Pork and Mushroom Terriyaki

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Its Sunday and I woke up late. I think it was almost 10 in the morning when I woke up. I went to the dinning area to have my breakfast then went up to surf the internet. Around 11, my mom approached me and told me that I am the one who will cook for lunch. (waaah! i'm not prepared for this.) But since I haven't cook for quite sometime I agreed. I instruct our househelper to do the chopping and washing of the ingredients.

I really don't have anything in mind. I keep thinking on what to cook. So I make the Baked Cheese topped Cauliflower again. So I decided to cook the pork in a different way. (hmm.. anu kaya ang masarap lutuin na magugustuhan nila? ) I made up my mind and I've decided to cook pork and mushroom terriyaki. (sounds delicious eh?)

Here are the yummy pictures:

Baked Cheese Topped Cauliflower

Pork and Mushroom Terriyaki

At last, I am starting to cook again. I hope that I'll be inspired to cooking in the coming days. ^_^

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