Quotations: French Kiss

Monday, January 7, 2008

Luc and Kate at the airplane...

Luc said to Kate:
"You want to take back your fiance who found a beautiful girl in Paris and left you in America that's why you hurriedly take the flight and knowing that you're afraid to ride a plane?"

Kate replied to Luc:
"Know what Luc? If you really love a person, you will do anything to get it back. Even I'm afraid of riding this. Even you lost your money, clothes, passport, vitamins and even a single cent. Even there's no person who will help me and lastly, if begging is the only way, I will do it. Luc, have you ever fall in love with a girl?"

Luc replied to Kate:
"I have a lot of girls and I have no problem looking for it."

Kate's comment to Luc:
"Know what? With your statement and how I see your eyes. Now I know why a lot of people are not taking it seriously when it comes in relationship. They are afraid of commitment, that's why they don't fight for and risk their feelings for it and after one relationship it moves to another one."

This is quotation is taken from the movie: French Kiss

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